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Legno Contemporary Furniture

LEGNO Contemporary Furniture, LLC was founded in 2005 as a family-owned business. Our mission is to introduce our customers into the world of the Contemporary style with ideas for their businesses and commercial spaces. Our team is comprised of, the late Ovidio Cavazos, Owner, bringing more than 20 years of experience in design, and commercial and residential development in Mexico and the United States; and Julia Cavazos, Owner / Manager, who has been the LEGNO project manager since 2005. She is the buyer / manager and she will take great care of you through the process, from beginning to end.

We are inspired by design and new ideas. We believe in forward-thinking, functionality, and beauty in every space. LEGNO services include the design and sales of commercial buildings and furnishings.  We offer you a complete service where we start with design and furnish all the spaces with our exclusive furniture lines. Call us or email us with any of your questions or concerns.

In addition to all of the items on our website, we have a large inventory of items in stock and available for orders that are not on the website. Feel free to contact us for more information about items on the website and other items as well.